Cancellation policy

HiveMCR Cancellation / Rearrangement Policy.

As you are aware if you have visited the salon, we welcome every type of person through our doors. We appreciate everyone who chooses to use us as their colourists and stylists, we also, however have to protect ourselves from clients who are simply not serious about attending their appointments.

After a series of ‘No-Shows’ and same-day cancellations, we have been left with little choice but to amend our cancellation & rearrangement policy with immediate effect.

We understand that life can sometimes get in the way, but as a small business, efficient use of time is extremely important and with the team often conducting one-on-one appointments, huge gaps can be left in the days of our team.

If you wish to cancel your appointment, we require a *minimum* of 24 hours notice. To ensure you are left with the correct time, we will send confirmation text messages to the number listed 48 hours prior to your appointment.

As some of you are aware, all new colour clients are required to pay a £30 deposit upon consultation & skin test.

With the notice policy in place, we will not be able to transfer your deposit to a rearranged appointment more than once.

For appointments cancelled within the 24 hour period and same day cancellations, your deposit will be lost.

For no-shows, 50% of the appointment value will be charged before your next visit.

Clients that have two no-shows recorded on the system, we will require you to pay the value of the appointment in full.

In the unlikely event of three no-shows, we will have no choice but to recommend you choose another salon.

We are confident that you will understand the delicate nature of this policy and how much we appreciate choosing HiveMCR.

Pat & the team.